Love Who You Are


My suggestion? Start with yourself. When you begin to value and love your own uniqueness, you can begin to cherish the variety of personalities in those around you. Lets re-word this quote:

“The beginning of self-confidence and love is to let yourself be perfectly you, and not to twist yourself to fit other people’s image of you. Otherwise, you love only the reflection of them that you see in yourself.”

Don’t sell yourself short – if you develop and love only those parts of you patterned after the expectations of others, you will never be able to love your whole self. Everyone has to do a certain amount of compromising, conforming, and “sucking up to the man (or woman)”. But let that part of you remain a necessary evil; not a part of who you are. You are too special, too beautiful, too talented to become anyone other than the person you truly are.

Be Real. Be You. And don’t let anyone convince you that you’re better off being anyone else.

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