Really, ANOTHER Miley Cyrus blog post???

Don’t worry, I’m not going to tell you what I think about the Miley Cyrus debacle.  In fact, I’m not really going to even go into it.  I’m only going to tell you this: it happened.  And, as a young adult, or a parent of a young adult who has access to computers, smart phones, or just everyday gossip, you and your young adult have at least heard about it, if not seen it.  So what now?

So many young adults (and adults too!) like yourself are running to their parents, their religion, their friends, the blogosphere (which I believe are all very good places to seek advice and council) to get answers on how they’re supposed to feel about this.

My thoughts? It’s too easy these days to look to others for answers to questions when we should looking to others for guidance on how to find our own answers.

Instead of asking your positive influences what their conclusions are, why not start by asking them how to effectively evaluate such a situation?  How did they come to the conclusions they came to?  What is their reasoning process?  This is the time in your life to start getting an understanding of how to understand, evaluate, and reason things which sometimes (read: quite often) have no clear or consistent conclusion.  Once you’ve got a sense of the reasoning behind others’ conclusions, start asking yourself some questions:

What does this mean, if anything?  Does it send any messages about women, sexuality, or Miley as a person?  Why or why not?  If you think it does send any messages, what are they?  There are few things in life that are all good or all bad, so what good could potentially come from this event?  What bad?  Does one outweigh the other?  What do you think could have been the source of motivation for what you saw?  Is it something that you would like to emulate in your own life?  Why or why not?

Have a nice long discussion or think-sesh over a bowl of Pho.

Then DROP IT (the subject, not the Pho!).  Because Miley is only one person among millions who wakes up with bedhead and gets constipated every now and then just like you do.  And you’ve got your own life to worry about.

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