Find That Bliss

I’m learning to play the guitar.  Yep.  I’ve been a musician and singer/songwriter my ENTIRE life, and yet I have never once taken a guitar lesson!  So a few months ago, I bit the bullet, called up a guitar teacher and got started.

Girl Guitar

Imagine this picture with a much more awkward looking girl and a terrified look on her face, and that’s me and my guitar.  It hasn’t been easy.  Learning something completely new as an adult is difficult, ESPECIALLY when you’re used being good at the skills you’ve already mastered!!  I’ve had doubts about my path here, but the other night something amazing happened that threw all my doubts away.  I was in my lesson, practicing my chords to my first song by Taylor Swift, “Teardrops on My Guitar”.  My teacher suggested we try playing along with the song.  HA!  I could barely get past two chords without making a mistake!  But, I’m a glutton for a challenge.

The music began, and I nervously got started in on the verse.  Then something amazing happened.  The music took over.  The guitar and I became one, and I felt the music surge through me.  I don’t even recall thinking about the fingering for most of the song (until I realized I wasn’t thinking about it. Then, of course, I started obsessing about it).  Don’t get me wrong, I SUCKED.  I’m pretty sure I resembled a 7-year-old picking up a violin for the first time.  But man, it felt AWESOME.  The music flowed through me and I moved with it, strumming that guitar with purpose and intensity.  I was meant to be a guitar player.  I was meant to be a singer-songwriter.

My sense is that moments like this are rare.  I can recall a few more throughout my life during various activities, usually artistic ones.  But I figured the time had passed for me to find something I can be passionate about.

But girls, let me tell you, seek that bliss.   Enjoy it, then keep your eyes open for another moment of bliss.  Few of us have only one bliss, so there will be many opportunities in your life to experience something completely unprecedented.  There’s no need to put pressure on yourself – I’ve spent a good part of my life feeling like I should know what I should do with the rest of it (Pffffft!!!  I still don’t know, and I have so many ideas it makes my husband’s head spin), and though I feel closer, I’ve determined I may never know.  But what I do know is that I’ve had some incredible life experiences playing the guitar, singing, writing music, inspiring young adults, creating art, and embracing my loved ones.  And that makes my life joyful.

How do you find the next blissful moment?  Try something new.  Do some hard work.  Follow your heart.  Help a friend.  Forgive an enemy.  Do something that scares you.  Make some mistakes.  Keep your eyes open.  Live your life alive.  Find yourself.

They will come.  Just continue in the way that brings you joy and opportunities will present themselves.  You’ll know when you’re in a blissful moment because energy will flow through you like purified water.  And you will never forget it.

Be You.  Be Real.  Find that bliss in between the stretches of normal lifedom.

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