This Week: Be Brave

This week’s thought is short and sweet: be brave. Be bold. Be daring.

I find myself incredibly inspired this week by this amazing song by Sarah Bareilles

My favorite definition of the word “brave” is “to defy; challenge; dare” (ref:

This week, girls, dare to be you. Challenge the world’s notions of who you “should” be and dare to explore the person you want to be. Do something you’ve always been afraid to do. Speak up about a subject or cause that is important to you. Defy the social expectations placed on you and bravely show others what YOU can accomplish with your unique talents and gifts.

There are those out there who would put restrictions or boundaries on your potential; when you are brave enough to embrace who you are, their opinions no longer matter. Let them live within their own self-made borders – while you soar to new places, new experiences, and new levels of growth.

I want to see you be brave.

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