Alis Volat Propriis


She flies with her own wings.

I love this phrase. It was originally penned as the motto for the State of Oregon asserting its independence and its desire to pave its own path. The words so beautifully express how I feel about myself lately and the confidence and self-embracement I’d like to see in all girls.

She flies with her own wings.

She doesn’t live on borrowed time, she has no need for artificial support, everything she needs is within her. She only shall reach beyond with the strong, colorful, artistically unique wings she was born with and she will be lifted far above, soaring through the night sky, the wind carrying her, buoying her, embracing her.

She flies with her own wings.

Her direction, her goals, her desires are hers and hers alone. She gives no heed to outer pressures, but lifts herself up by the inspiration and undaunted power within her, fueling her to stretch beyond the harnesses which seek to hold her back. She moves forward on her own. She is powered by her own self. She is one with herself, and one among many. And she is content.

Much love to my Real Girls.

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