Childlike Lessons From a Nail File

I had a fun conversation with my daughter tonight. I got a free sample nail file in the mail with a pair of workout pants I ordered. She asked me how to use it so I showed her how to file her nails. She took the file back and said “well I like to do it this way” and she proceeded to file her knuckles instead of her nails.

“Oh, that’s a new way to do it!” I said.

And what surprised and impressed me was not WHAT she said next, but HOW she said it:

“Yeah, it’s kind of a different way.”

She said it with pleasure, pride, and full acceptance. She was excited to have a different way of doing things!

So I pose this question to you Real Girls:

When on earth do we learn that it’s a bad thing to be different? And what can we do to help return ourselves to that childlike joy of being original and unusual?

Please comment with your thoughts!

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3 thoughts on “Childlike Lessons From a Nail File

  1. My kids and I celebrate our differences. They realize that we all have different opinions, desires/ likes, and talents. We’ve made a point of that since they were small though. For example, we told my kids my hubby is great at science & math while I’m great at English and the arts. It’s what we’re passionate about. Not one of them is BETTER than the other. It’s what makes us US. 🙂

  2. That’s fantastic, Lindsay!! I think that’s a great way to fight all the messages of conformity! There are certainly times when “fitting in” is the best choice, but I think celebrating differences as your family does is not valued enough these days.

  3. I tell my granddaughters to be true to the “who” they are, and never be afraid of what anyone says. I don’t know if it will take, but I’m starting this before they become teens–they are seven now.

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