We All Have Something to Believe In


What an amazing time of year.  We are all celebrating all the amazing, wonderful things we believe in.  Some of us our celebrating Jesus Christ the Savior, others Jesus Christ the inspired guide, others Allah, God, or simply a belief in themselves or the love of their families.  Others have already concluded their holiday celebrations, and many have celebrations yet to come.  I have my own personal beliefs of religious and secular natures, but today there is one thing I believe in more than anything: 


I believe in you.  Every one of you.  I believe in your goodness, your worth, and your potential.  I believe in your weakness, your challenges, and your imperfection.  I believe in your ability to change the lives of those around you for the better and to change and improve your own life simply because you deserve it.  I believe in the work and effort you will put into improving yourself over the next year – and not because you are weak, or unworthy, or dysfunctional, or an idiot.  Rather, because you are already amazing and important; and amazing and important people owe it to themselves to continue to become more amazing, more inspired, and more improved.  You owe it to yourself to aspire to greatness, whatever that means for you.

So whatever you believe in this holiday season, remember that, most importantly, that person, God, Savior, or group believes in you first and foremost.  And the best gift you can give back to those that inspire your is to believe in yourself.

Amongst all the amazing giving you are doing today, remember that you are giving because you are a wonderful person!  Give yourself the gift of credit.

Much love, Real Girls.  

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