TEDXTalk Tuesday: Why we have too few women leaders

This is absolutely worth a read and the TED Talk is great, girls! I hope this inspires you to take a seat at the table!

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Leslie Strain

After my post yesterday, I thought I would share with you Sheryl Sandberg’s original TED Talk “Why We have too Few Women Leaders.” This talk not only inspired the post yesterday, but inspires me daily. Like I said yesterday, apologizing is my default, but I am learning that being career oriented is not detrimental to my future path. Moreover, I no longer have to be judged for loving my job, and other women no longer have to be judged for making the decision to stay home.

The most important piece advice she gives is to sit at the table. No matter who you are, you deserve to be where you are. I have this perpetual fear of being wrong. I don’t speak up when I have a great idea because of this fear. I’ll sit back and let others talk for me. I am learning that everyone is in my…

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