Don’t Worry; You Don’t Have to be Happy


A woman that I greatly admire and respect posted a version of this quote on her Facebook wall a few weeks ago:

Happy Girls

Seething with frustration towards a quote that I have long loathed, I cracked my knuckles and readied my long, spindly fingers for a nice afternoon on the soapbox; but she took care of it for me.  Her post read something along these lines: “I hate these kinds of quotes – there is already too much pressure on girls to be happy all the time!”.

I am so proud to call her my Daycare Lady.

Girls, she is right.  There is too much pressure on you to be happy, to always have a smile on your face, to grin through impossibly difficult circumstances.  Growing up, I recall feeling few emotions other than happiness and anxiety.  The rest of the emotional spectrum seemed forbidden and unacceptable.

Let me tell you…

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