Dear Past Self


Hi girls,

Today I’d like to share with you a blog post from a dear friend of mine who I think is absolutely amazing.  She wrote this incredible letter to her younger self, and I think many of you young people can relate to some of the things she’s written.  She really speaks from the heart and spearheads some of the major issues we face in teenage hood and young adulthood (and, admittedly, in adulthood as well!!).  If you’ve ever felt like you’re the only one who feels awkward, ugly, or self-conscious, here’s a wonderful reminder that you are not alone!  And that you’re not the only one who never heard back from Ryder Strong. 😉

Here is my favorite part of her post:

“Hey Karen, I’m really proud of you for trying out for that play, even though you were scared, especially about singing in front of people.  It led to a lot of fun times throughout the years.  I know that sometimes hearing that you are ugly, stupid or fat is really really hard.  Hearing it from those poor, self-conscious (yes, they are) “popular” kids sometimes makes you feel like that’s who you are.  I know that kids can be cruel.  I look back at us 20 years ago and am sad for you.  I wish I could tell you then what I know now.”

Karen feels a strong devotion to God and her religion, and though we are not all religious, I believe our life experiences are still very similar and very interconnected.  So pull the encouragement that you can from this awesome post – I hope it gets your weekend off on the right foot! 

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