RealGirls Website Is Up!!

You may have noticed a few changes on the RealGirls blog lately – we’ve got more color!!  We now have a new logo which I believe better exemplifies the mission of RealGirls, and in addition we have officially launched the RealGirls website!

Please visit the website to check out our:

  • About Us – details on our mission and goals
  • Recommended Resources – blogs, websites, and organizations dedicated to female empowerment
  • Online Events – soon to inform you of some classes and workshops coming in the Fall; be sure to bookmark this one!
  • Life Coaching Services – learn about the life coaching services offered for teen, young adults, and women seeking authenticity (specific program details coming soon!)
  • Classes and Webinars – for the cost-conscious, RealGirls will soon be offering in-person classes (in the Denver area) and online webinars for those interested in group coaching

We are so excited about this new step in our progress and hope you’ll celebrate with us by visiting the site and signing up for our Monthly Inspirational Meme below!  Also, be sure to like us on Facebook!

To receive the Monthly RealGirls Inspirational Meme, please sign up below:



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