Life Coaching

RealGirls Founder, Jane Haynie, offers inexpensive and empowering life coaching sessions for women.  Coaching sessions are for individuals or groups looking to achieve personal or professional goals, or simply bring more fulfillment and happiness to daily life.  The focus of Jane’s coaching practice is:

Teenagers and Young Adults making the transition into adulthood, looking for independence and peaceful parental relationships; includes discussion of decision-making skills, application of good judgement, and communication skills.

Stay-at-Home Moms looking to maintain or reclaim self-hood.  Women who choose to stay at home, especially with young children, can often fall victim to a loss of self-hood and personal motivation.  Coaching sessions include topics such as shedding “Mom-guilt”, self-validation through discovery and implementation of personal skills and goals, and identification of personal needs and methods of fulfillment.

Women in Transition – Young Adults and Adult Women making major transitions in career, spirituality, physical health and weight loss, and other areas of importance.  Topics of focus include self-acceptance, navigating old relationships with a new world-view, and learning to define (or accepting a lack of) values and opinions.

And general focus on allowing yourself to have your own identity outside of the many roles you play in life.

Rates: Life coaching should be affordable.  Most Life Coaches charge upwards of $200 for a 30-45 minute session.  Rates at RealGirls are much more affordable with a sliding scale to accommodate those in challenging financial situations.  For more information, or a free half-hour consultation, please email  Coaching can take place in-person, or via phone, Skype, or Facebook chat.

RealGirls also holds FREE Virtual Life Coaching events and Webinars through Facebook, Twitter, and GoToMeeting.  See the Events tab for an up-to-date schedule!

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About Jane: Jane Haynie is a self-analytical psychology-obssessed mother of 2 (4 if you include the dogs), impassioned by human nature, and the desire to understand others and their motivations.  Having once lived as a female teenager, guilt-ridden young adult, terrified mother, and survivor of several life transitions, Jane founded RealGirls from her dedication to helping others work through the challenges of finding self-hood through young adulthood and young motherhood.  Jane is currently pursuing ICF Life Coaching certification while also attaining her dream of empowering women through inspiring jewelry, nail art, and paintings.  For more information on RealGirls products, please see the “Inspirational Products” section.

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